end of summer sadness


i really love summer. i love the sunshine, the long days, the breezy nights, the clear blue skies, the singing birds, the endless barbecues, the crowded farmer’s markets. i know, you’re gagging a bit, but summer really agrees with me. you can just smell it – clean air, green grass, warm rain, people just loving life. even in boston, where folks are about as rude as they come and it’s hard to drive anywhere without wanting to take a baseball bat to some hipster’s bicycle (yeah yeah, i have road rage, what do you want), you can still manage to enjoy the season.

summer’s got all the best foods, for real – berries, tomatoes, cherries, figs, corn, watermelon, fresh herbs. i really need to move back to california soon so i can grow my own citrus, avocados, artichokes…i can still buy them here, but it’s not the same…

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