Sacrificing the Ordinary for the Extraordinary

Well said Wendy. Thank you.

Get Psyched!

People often come up to me and ask me if I am upset about sacrificing my entire childhood for gymnastics. Spending over 14,000 hours of my youth in a gym could seem like huge sacrifice to many, and at first I bought into that idea. After all, it made my athletic story better when it is full of drama and sacrifices.

“Oh poor Wendy, she wasn’t able to be a “normal” child. She spent her entire young age trapped in a gym. She wasn’t able to do all the things her classmates were doing, she couldn’t have fun, and all she did was train.”

After really pondering these types of comments I began to ask, what things did I really miss out on? What “normal” childhood things were so spectacular that my entire childhood was a sacrifice? I really had quite a difficult time coming up with a list of…

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