Developing a Great Young Adult Through Youth Sports

Developing A Great Young Adult Through Youth Sports
One of the goals of most coaches is to develop the whole child rather than base success solely on awards. Children learning and adjusting to their youth sports experiences will grow into more well adjusted “ready” young adults. The scrapes, the pain, the challenges, the disappointments and the comebacks all help to mold a better prepared young adult for life after parents and coaches.
Life isn’t all pluses. Life isn’t always a beautiful morning. Life is about some sleepless nights, sometimes overwhelming challenges and we all have been there. And continue to be there. We owe it to our children to guide them through some rough patches when they are young so that they can obtain the tools to handle more serious situations later. When they have to rely on themselves. 
Youth sports is a laboratory of learning. It is not helpful to shield our children from challenging situations. A gymnast can compete with a scraped knee. An 8 year old shortstop should go back out there the inning after he made 2 errors. 
If we protect our children from strike three. If we overreact to a fall off beam. If we think that the earth will stop if our child doesn’t get a trophy at every competition, we are not doing our jobs as coaches and parents. Children are resilient. Children can adapt.
The children of our ancestors survived the “go slop the hogs” before going to school. Do we overprotect our children today? Let’s not deprive our children the wonderful experience of “overcoming.” Tom Burgdorf – Face Book – Gymnet Sports – MGM Gymnastics Meets


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