The Hero Coach


girl coach superpower

Earlier this week, I wrote how gymnastics coaches are like superheroes–people with powers far beyond the range of normal human ability, who use these powers to protect the innocent and for the general good.

Forget “like”–there are gymnastics coaches that ARE superheroes.

This beautifully composed essay reflects on a gymnast named Emily’s first coach’s influence on the development of her confidence (among other aspects of her personality!).  Emily’s essay underscores just such an example of a superhero-coach.

Here is Emily’s essay:

 My Confidence Booster

“Like the window of an office building, I strived to fit in. Look the same, act the same, blend in. As a 7 year-old girl, I did not always know what I was doing or who I was, and was content with the fact that no one else knew either. I never raised my hand in class, I stood in the middle of line along…

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