Nine Myths About Recreational Gymnastics Busted!



  1. My child isn’t very coordinated so she should not do gymnastics. (You could also substitute strong or flexible for coordinated.) All the more reason your child should do gymnastics! Gymnastics works on those fundamental gross motor skills that all children need to develop to become physically fit.
  2. If my child isn’t going to be on team, she shouldn’t waste her time doing gymnastics. Not so. Gymnastics is a wonderful activity in and of itself. In addition to the physical benefits of the sport, gymnastics offers all sorts of life lessons, character building opportunities and the chance to meet new friends. And, perhaps most importantly for the child participating, it’s fun!
  3. There isn’t much my child can get from a once a week class. The APA recommends that all children get at least 60 minutes a day of physical activity. So, on gymnastics day, that is taken care of for you!…

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