10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Gymnast (Hint: It’s Not Correcting Their Gymnastics)



Parents love their kids.

Parents want to see their kids do well in school, music, the arts or sports—whatever their child decides to pursue.

So it follows that parents want to help their child succeed.

But if help that involves coaching your child at home or requiring her to do conditioning or flexibility training not prescribed by her coach, no matter how well-intentioned, is not a good idea.

First, it’s not your role in that very important parent-coach-athlete triad. You are not the coach (unless you are the gymnastics coach, but even then the division between the gym and home needs to be clear, so this still applies).

Second, the gymnast it can be confused hearing corrections that are counter to what the coaches tell her. Not to mention it can build up resentment in the gymnast who just wants home to be home.

Finally, it can be downright dangerous…

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