Coaching: I Wish it was THAT Easy

Get Psyched!

Coaching isn’t easy and if you are a coach, you probably picked one of the most difficult jobs; it’s physically and mentally difficult. Not only do you have to teach athletes how to be physically successful, each athlete you encounter has an entirely different way they learn. So what worked for one athlete, may not work for another. Just when you think you have figured it out, you haven’t.

Every athlete has different personalties, talent, work ethics, beliefs, values, and confidence. Some athletes have little talent, but work harder than anyone. Others have an abundance of talent, but can’t seem to reach their full potential. There are also athletes who want don’t want to act out, but they don’t have the emotional tools to cope. The athlete that has the talent, work ethic, confidence, and mindset is not easy to find, and well, anyone can coach an athlete like that.

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