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As of February 1st I have taken the position as Chairman of the US Elite Coaches Association. I am completely intimidated the past chairman. Mike Taylor, Bill Sands, Tony Gehman have left some pretty big shoes to fill.

I have some pretty lofty goals (and this is where you come in). Your input is crucial. Your contributions are incredibly valuable. I look forward to the challenges and hope I never disappoint.

Membership Details.

Please contact me with your input, ideas and contributions.


Letter to the Membership

Tony Retrosi, Chairman
Dear USECA Members,

It is my honor to take the position as Chairman for USECA. I have been a member since the late 1980’s. To me, it has always been the place that I turn for drills, technique and planning for high level gymnastics. There have been some amazing coaches who have served as Chairman of USECA and I will rely on their guidance and experience. I have set many goals for myself and USECA for the next few months. I welcome your input and appreciate your support.

Goals for USECA 2016 February – May

– Improved website allowing for video streaming

More “technical” articles. Drills and skills!

Continue with exploring possibility of USECA Training Camp and Symposium. (August 16-18. Upstate New York).

– Contributors in different departments. (in addition to the current contributors)


Developmental Elite Camps –

Road to Rio? / Elite.

What Simple Folk Do-

Risk Management-

Sports Psych-

College Corner


Physical Therapy/ re-hab

Sports Science-

Gymnastics technique skills and drills

Going into Olympic Trials I would like to concentrate on increasing membership. We are working on streamlining membership to make everything more accessible to our members. BUT- this is where you come in. If you believe in the the product that is USECA (and I am assuming you do. That’s why you are a member) we need you to tell your friends and colleagues about us and encourage them to sign up.


The United States Elite Coaches Association for Women’s Gymnastics (USECA) is an organization for coaches devoted to the progress of elite and age group level gymnastics in America. Members enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled meetings at major elite level events and USA Gymnastics Congress, representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council (with two votes) and on other USAG Committees, a major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect our age group gymnasts and coaches, regular communication with members (a major goal of USECA is to keep you informed on elite level gymnastics and its relationship with all levels of gymnastics). Members also receive the USECA Newsletter published 8 – 10 times per year, recognized as a primary source of information in the gymnastics community.


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