17 Signs You Were A Gymnast as a Kid


giphy chalk

As we head into the Olympic year, those who did gymnastics in their childhood get especially giddy and sentimental of their youth spent in a leotard, elbow deep in chalk while dreaming of being the next Olga, Nadia, Mary Lou, Shannon, Carly, Nastia or Shawn. In addition to the discipline and host of wonderful life lessons that gymnastics gave you, here are 17 signs you were a gymnast as a kid:

  1. You learned how to get dressed, eat and do homework in the car.In fact, you found it odd to not dress, eat and do homework in the car.  And maybe you still eat in the car…whatever.

giphy eat

  1. You’ve always placed first in the presidential fitness test.Flexed arm hang? Puh—leeez.  As if you couldn’t do more chin ups than every boy in your school.

giphy chin up

  1. You may have been a little competitive.  And heaven forbid if someone challenged you…

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