25 Hard Things Gymnasts Need to Do



  1. Stop making excuses.
  2. Be accountable for your own behavior.
  3. Listen, really listen, to coaches’ corrections.
  4. Don’t let teammates take your focus.
  5. Do the entire assignment.
  6. With maximum execution.
  7. Show up and work hard, even when you don’t feel like it.
  8. Admit when you don’t understand.
  9. Be comfortable with not knowing.
  10. Keep going when you are tired or sore.
  11. Be willing to look stupid.
  12. Grind through the ruts.
  13. Be responsible for your own learning.
  14. Make mistakes.
  15. Be afraid and do it anyway.
  16. Be nice to people no matter what.
  17. Take more turns.
  18. Know that you will not always be well liked.
  19. Cope with gossip.
  20. Measure your success correctly.
  21. Be grateful.
  22. Condition on your own time.
  23. Strive to improve your strengths.
  24. Continue to work on your weaknesses.
  25. Remember why you started.

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