Retrosi named Chairman USECA

The US Elite Coaches Association for Gymnastics announced that Tony Retrosi, owner of Atlantic Gymnastics  was selected to fill the position of Chairman. The United States Elite Coaches Association (USECA) is an organization for coaches devoted to the progress of Elite International gymnastics within the United States. It has representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council and has a major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect gymnasts and coaches. It is recognized worldwide as a primary source of information in the gymnastics community. Former Chairman Michael Taylor said, “Tony was selected as the next USECA Chair because his energy and innovative ideas are exactly what the Association needs to face the future of gymnastics. Tony has the vision, the drive, and the acumen to be a great leader that raises the standard of gymnastics coaching to the next level.”

Two time Olympic Coach and Olympic Medalist Peter Kormann remarks that “Having known and worked with Tony for years I cannot think of a better choice for chairman of the elite gymnastics coaches association. Tony’s experience, leadership and imagination will provide coaches tools to advance our sport and enhance opportunities for thousands of athletes.”

Retrosi, a graduate from The University of New Hampshire, brings with him 25 years of coaching at an International level, representing the USA at competitions throughout North America, The Caribbean, Europe and Asia. He has also taught gymnastics courses and symposiums internationally in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Iceland, and Trinidad and Tobago. “I am looking forward to this challenge. As chairman of USECA I will be able to continue working and educating coaches and gymnasts throughout the country, helping to lay the base for continued National and International success.” Said Retrosi. He adds, “Although my new position will keep me pretty busy in the US, I am looking forward to continuing to work with coaches internationally. I have a great staff at Atlantic and a very supportive family. This summer, an Olympic Year, will be very busy.”

“The gymnastics community is very supportive in helping each coach succeed by sharing knowledge. Our community is lucky to have an educational organization such as USECA and Tony will make a great Chairman” says LYNN MOSKOVITZ-THOMPSON, USA Gymnastics Director of Club and Educational Services.

“It was amazing to have  had Tony here in Australia to bring life into gymnastics. His approach and passion is second to none and the kids all still talk about him even 1 year later. In my opinion, Tony is one of the most comprehensive and versatile gymnastics mentors I have ever worked with.” Chris Lakeman of Barron Valley Gymnastics based in Australia

“USECA could not have done a better job by naming Tony their Chairman. He has the ability to make everyone around him want to be better. “ Vasile Vetzev, Bulgarian Olympian and World Champion



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