12 Ways to Let Your Child “Own” Their Sports Experience



Drop WE for HE/SHE. Watch what pronouns you are using when you are talking about your child’s sport.   Unless you are your child’s coach, WE do not have practice or a game, HE/SHE does.  Pronouns are the part of speech that indicates possession.  Let your child possess their sports experience. 

Don’t keep up with the Jones’.  Just because the Jones’ hire a private coach, send their child to an expensive sports camp or begin homeschooling so little Janie can do two-a-days does not mean your family needs to follow suit. 

Sole expectation: character counts.  The only expectations you should have of your child is that they treat their coaches, teammates and opponents with respect and that they give their best effort. 

Little pitchers have big ears.  Be careful of your comments around your child regarding the coaches or the abilities of other teammates. 

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