Xcel- Portsmouth Year in Review

The Xcel competitive team experienced a lot of growth and change this year. The team of 31 gymnasts added two new coaches this season which was exciting and challenging at times! The X-Cel team for the 2015/2016 competitive season featured 17 Silver Division gymnasts, 6 Gold Division gymnasts, and 1 Platinum Division gymnast.

12466294_1280207321993794_8531946929421925031_o.jpgThe teams started their competitive season in New Hampshire where the Gold Division gymnasts secured first place at the Winter Carnival and the Silver Division gymnasts placed third in the Winter Carnival team competition. They also traveled to Vermont and Texas for large invitational meets.


Xcel team members finished their season at the NH State Championships at Pinkerton Academy in Londonderry. The State Championships featured close to 500 gymnasts from gymnastics clubs around the state of New Hampshire. The Silver Division team placed third in the state which was quite an accomplishment given the competitive field! Our team also had two Silver Division state champions and three Silver Division alternates to Regional Championships. The Gold Division team landed in the sixth place spot at State Championships in an equally competitive field and one team member was an alternate to regional Championships. Our sole Platinum competitor put in strong performances all year and consistently made the podium on vault and floor all the way through the state meet.IMG_0415.jpg

The future is bright for next season. We have added another 20 gymnasts to the Bronze Division competitive level and we look forward to watching them have their first competitive gymnastics experience in the 2016/2017 season. All of the competitors from last season have increased their skill level and with some hard work and dedication over

the summer months will be looking to move forward to the next competitive division. Members of the Xcel competitive team at Portsmouth Atlantic are part of an exciting group of thriving gymnasts in a team program that can cater to the needs of any gymnast who desires to be competitive.



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