8 Tips to Stop Lizard Brain Parenting



Nobody is rational when it comes to their own child.

It is impossible. 

We love them too much. 

Sure, some parents are more rational than other.  And there are times or topics over which we are more rational than not.   But still, even at our best, we cannot be fully objective about our own kids. 

And we shouldn’t. 

The love a parent has for a child is fierce and forever, and that is the way it should be.  That said, knowing that we feel irrational can at least allow us to consider that we may not always be acting terribly sanely.

So many of us today are parenting from a place of anxiety.  It’s almost impossible not to.  We are inundated with information about the rising costs of college, the rising competition for admission, the need to take 23 AP classes or…

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