The WHEN and WHY of Recreational Classes

Atlantic Gymnastic Rec Classes: The “Whens” and “Whys”

At Atlantic Gymnastics, we have a very strong and successful recreational program. The rec program is meant for those students who are in first grade or higher. They are divided into classes based on skill level, which is assessed by our Skill Chart program. The Beginner and Intermediate recreational classes are a 60-minute class and the Advanced level classes are 90 minutes. Within their time in the gym, we have a consistent class structure that all of our classes follow and specific reasons behind it.

IMG_1523.JPGThe Warm Up: We ALWAYS play a game for  8-10 minutes of class. The game serves multiple purposes. Its primary focus is to prepare the gymnasts body for their gymnastics class by increasing their heart rate and core temperature. This helps to increase blood flow to muscles as well as loosen their joints. The warm up game also helps the students get to know the other kids in their class and interact with them. The games incorporate necessary team building as well as implementing important motor skills. PLUS- It’s FUN and encourages participation.

IMG_1508.JPGIMG_1511.JPGStretching: Stretching helps increase the gymnast’s range of motion prior to performing the exercises that require greater flexibility than regular daily activity. By Stretching before the gymnastics portion of the class, we reduce their risk of injuring their muscles or joints.


The 3 Gymnastics Events: After the Warm up game and stretching portion of the class have been completed (the first 15 minutes), The gymnasts brake off into their assigned classes. We have 6 gymnastics events that the children rotate between every week. Each class, the groups get to three 15-minute event rotations. One week they will get to Balance Beam, Vault, and Tumble Trak. The Next week they will get to the Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, and Trampoline. By spending 15 minutes on each event, the instructor has time to explain the stations, the kids have time to take an appropriate number of turns at each station, and the instructor can test the kids on their skill charts.IMG_1579.JPG

By having our consistent class schedule, we are able to watch the students grow as gymnasts.


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