Enjoy The Noise

At lunch today I ran down to Market Basket in Portsmouth to do some shopping for Thanksgiving. It was a hectic weekend for me but I had managed to make a couple of pies (while I waited for the new washing machine to be delivered. Sometime between 11:30 and 4:30!). The Apple pie never made it through the weekend. It was yummy but now I needed to make another.

Market Basket was CRAZY. It was like people were shopping for the apocalypse. I was shuffling along one aisle when I was run into my a cart behind me. A mother scolded her son, who was insisting to push the cart with his sister in it. I said, “No problem. I’ve been there.” A few aisles later I helped the same mom reach something off the top shelf as she was now carrying her daughter.

As I went to the register the women lined up behind me. I let her go in front of me. She thanked me and smiled and said, “I just need some quiet.” The older women behind me said, “Enjoy the noise while you can. It will be too quite too soon”.

As  a recent empty nester I am just starting to understand this statement. I miss the chaos. I miss the noise. I do NOT miss stepping on legos in my bare feet.

Enjoy the Noise this Thanksgiving. We each have so much we can be thankful for.



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