Things To Do With Your Children This Winter

The other day while I was waiting for a hair cut I picked up a parenting magazine. One of the articles was “Things To Do With Your Children This Winter”. It had a list of 21 of the most impractical activities to do with children. My children are older but I could picture me spending 30 minutes setting up and preparing for an activity, another 10-15 minutes getting them dressed for the activity (+ 10 minutes if boots are involved) only to have them last about 15 minutes of said activity.


I remember taking them to the Children Museum in Dover. In my mind I pictured them looking at art, playing the activities, going through things at a “normal pace”. Reality was a cross between a scavenger hunt and American Ninja Warrior. We made it through the museum in record time! Just for fun we went through it again- BACKWARDS. After spending $30 there was no way were were leaving in less than an hour.






Luckily we live in an area where there are plenty of things to do with children no matter what the season.

Seacoast Kids Calendar

Here are some practical things to do with your children this winter.

We are graced with beautiful mountains and trails to downhill or nordic ski but sometimes expense and time prevent us from doing that. Some other ideas closer-



Looking for a weekend away?
Check out some great indoor waterparks in New England. 

83qbtvcrrbgslle9-v1-fram640x414x640x414xxxxI LOVE IT when we have a snow day! An unexpected and unplanned day off. BUT- what to do with the kids? One of my favorite things to do is cook! Cook anything! It doesn’t have to be educational (but you will be amazed at what they learn) or healthy. From a simple grilled cheese or brownies to home made pasta, it will be mess and fun and you can generally eat your mistakes!(If you make cookies, I like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies  and will be happy to take any leftovers).  My daughter, who is now a Senior in College studying for GREs, has fond memories of cooking at our house with her friends.

messy-kids-cooking-in-kitchenIndoor Camping! Make a blanket and pillow fort!  If you have a fireplace or wood stove,  make s’mores!

Enjoy your winter!




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