A Letter To The Staff At Atlantic

Every week I try to send out a staff wide e-mail. Just to touch base with all of our teachers and coaches. This week we are one year from the first case of Corona Virus is New Hampshire. I wanted to share with you the letter I sent out.


One year ago I made the incredibly difficult decision to temporarily close both of our locations because of Covid19.  I had been in near constant communication  with my managers at each location trying to make a sensible decision. I had gone back and forth on closing or staying open a dozen times.  For every justification for one, there was a valid argument for the other. In the end, we closed when the local schools closed.  

March 2020 seems like so long ago.  WAY BACK THEN, by and large, people still were not wearing masks. In the stores people were shopping out of fear. Buying a years worth of groceries. It was such a frightening time. I did my best to remain positive. To believe that one way or another we would be OK.  

I remember before we closed we used industrial cleaners on everything. Cleaned the carpets, the mats, every piece of foam in the pits. I bleached counters and door handles. We cleaned the balance beams, vault table and boards. For 3 months I would go into our empty gyms, take care of paperwork. Make sure NH employment security had what they needed. Checked the CDC for new information – then cleaned everything I may have touched.   During the shutdown I reevaluated our businesses and our staff. I made the decision to make some significant changes. 

(I remember being absolutely giddy when it was proven that chalk does not easily carry the corona virus and  when the CDC revealed that the virus was not transmitted easily through contact and we needed to no longer clean like crazy people- I think I danced. )

Today, there is a  real possibility of a “normal” summer and Olympic Games. Johnson & Johnsons vaccine has just been approved. The Oxford- Astra zenika vaccine will likely be approved next month and probably 2 more vaccines by summer. Covid infection rates have stabilized and hospitals now have a better plan to treat individuals lowering the mortality rate. We still have a long road ahead of us– but at least we are no longer lost in the woods.  

Because of your hard work and dedication Atlantic Gymnastics is limping along. Sure- things could be better. But a year ago we were closed! 

I think the summer olympics are going to be exciting and bring gymnastics some much needed  POSITIVE MEDIA. I want to treat this summers Olympics as a GRAND OPENING for gymnastics. To show that Olympic Dreams Start Here. No matter what the sport. Cori’s  sister,  Bethany, competed at World Championships in HAMMER THROW and the Olympics in BOB SLED.  Samantha Retrosi competed in LUGE at the Olympics. Both started in gymnastics.  

It is impossible for me to thank each one of you for staying by me through the last year. Some of you were “just” gymnasts who stepped up to teach classes. Some of you added hours of cleaning to your already busy weeks. Dina moved back from California to take a leadership role in Dover. Others like Noor and Josh joined us for the first time. I truly appreciate what each one of you bring to the gym.  Without you- this would not have been possible.  

The weather this week is going to be pretty crazy- Rainy and cold, then unseasonably warm. Snow and Ice are always a factor. 

So when you are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning or you are just exhausted by your day- think about how far we have come and think about how bright our future is.  

Have a great week. 


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