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March Magic for Atlantic Dover

March began as a whirlwind for the girls of the Atlantic Gymnastics Dover Xcel team. Over the weekend of March 3rdand 4th Atlantic’s athletes were spread throughout the eastern coastline. Dover’s Bronze and Silver teams competed in the first annual Noha’s Invitational at the Hampshire Dome in —–, NH while the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond teams traveled to South Carolina to the Coastal Classic where they would test their grit against teams from all over the south. Atlantic was well represented in both competitions where all the girls put on their game face and let their hard work shine.

The Bronze team was divided into two age division: Junior and Senior. Izzy Rothwell and Maddie Bickford represented Atlantic in the Junior age group. Izzy was strong on bars keeping her legs glued together earning 1stplace with a 9.55. Maddie took 1st in the all-around with a 37.5. In the Senior group Annette Morris earned 1st place on floor with a beautifully executed routine. Lily Nutter, who has been working hard on bars, earned 2nd place. Hannah Dunbar took 1st on vault, beam and in the all-around. Hannah also earned the judge’s award on beam impressing them with her confidence. Additionally, Hannah earned the award for the highest all-around of the Bronze session! Kaylee Corman earned the judge’s award on floor for her flawless presentation and took 2nd place on beam. Mollie O’Connor earned 1st on bars with a 9.5. Anna Wolusky was strong across the board earning 2nd place in the all-around. Aaliyah Stancil was powerful on vault earning a 9.05. Gracie Blanchette showed off her strength on bars earning a 9.15. With ten Bronze team members competing, Atlantic coaches are proud to announce that as tricky as beam can be, there were no falls! The Bronze team earned 1st place!

Noha Bronze

It was Silver’s turn next to compete. There were six Silver’s representing Atlantic split into three age divisions: Youth, Junior and Senior. In the Youth division Sam Bishop was strong on floor performing her advanced tumbling pass earning 2nd place. Gracie Schmidt took 1st on floor showing off her fabulous dance. Katherine Indelicato, part of the Junior division, rocked the beam with a solid routine and took 1st place. Bea VanCampen took 1st on floor presenting a beautiful routine and also earning the judge’s award for finishing with a smile. In the Senior division Adurey Choate placed 1st on vault, floor and all-around. Evy Ashburner performed her round-off back handspring for the first time and earned 2nd on bars and beam. The Silver team finished in 2nd place.

Noha Silver

Atlantic’s Gold team was represented by four members: Annie Beikman, Renee Remick, Brooke Helliwell, and Savanah Hughes. The girls were divided into three ages divisions based on age but all scores contributed to the team overall regardless of age division. Savanah had a stellar performance on floor where she stuck her tumbling passes and impressed the judges for a 4th place finish. This was Renee’s first meet back after an injury and competed with complete composure. Renee earned 5th on bars with a 9.35. Brooke was consistent across the board taking 2nd place on bars, beam, floor and all-around. Annie was honored as a Senior competitor. She will be attending Keene State in the fall and will be truly missed. Annie was beautiful on beam after a shaky warm up and earned 2nd place while receiving 3rd in the all-around. The top three scores on each even contribute to the team total and the Gold team took 4th place with a total of 106.375.

Coastal Classic Gold

Overcoming injuries, and with other commitments finished, this was the first meet since the start in November Atlantic’s Platinum gymnasts represented with a complete team! The girls were excited but confident as they started their meet. Gianna Coppola, who has been focused on mastering her bar routine, earned 1st place scoring a 9.525. Tori Downey, always a confident competitor, showed her skills on beam earning 4th place. Bethany Howard, a powerful tumbler, wowed the judges with her Michael Jackson moon-walk on floor for a 1st place finish. With only three members, all scored contributed to the team total. The girls worked hard and walked away with a 2nd place Platinum finish.

Coastal Classic Platinum

This is Atlantic Dover’s first year with a Diamond team, the highest level of Xcel. Sarah Bieniek, Alexa Nelson, and Audrey Stuart, all dedicated young women, showed that hard work pays off. Sarah performed her more difficult vault and landed both during the competition, a huge success! She was rewarded with a 2nd place finish and a 9.275. Audrey and Alexa, both in the same age division, were neck and neck throughout the competition. Audrey took 1st on vault, bars and in the all-around while Alexa earned 1st on beam and floor. The Diamond team took home 1st place (with all three girls’ scores contributing to the team total) with a 110.3, beating out five other teams for the gold!

Coastal Classic Diamond

Atlantic will compete next at the A2X2 Invite hosted by A2 Gym & Cheer at the end of March.


Meet Results- Atlantic Dover

Atlantic Freezes the Competition at Frostbite Invitational

Atlantic Dover’s Xcel team competed at the Frostbite Invite hosted by Dudziak’s Gymnastics at Biddeford High School where teams from all over New England participated. Atlantic competed in all five Xcel divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each division was evenly split into age groups: Youth, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

The Bronze team was ready to go bright and early Saturday morning on February 10th. Lily Nutter, part of the Junior division, has been working hard perfecting her vault and earned 1st place. Lily performed well on the other three events and took home 1st place all-around. Maddie Bickford nailed her beam routine with a beautiful handstand placing 1st with a 9.35. Izzy Rothwell has beautiful presentation on floor and worked hard perfecting her tumbling passes, the judges agreed and Izzy earned 1st on floor. Aaliyah Stancil, part of the Senior division, had an aggressive run on vault and earned a 9.325. Anna Wolusky, always a tough competitor, had a strong handstand shape throughout her vault and took home 1st. Hannah Dunbar, a first year Xcel team member, remained calm under pressure earning 2nd for her bar and floor routine. Hannah took home 1st for her beautifully solid beam routine. Sierra Rose stayed strong on beam with a beautiful turn placing 3rd. Gracie Blanchette is a powerhouse on bars and earned a 9.325. Annette Morris has beautiful artistry on floor with strong presentation earning a 9.675 and 1st place. The Bronze team earned 1st place! Frostbite Bronze 2018.jpg
The Silver team was next to compete early on Sunday morning of February 11th. In the Youth age group, Amari Thornton, a first time Silver competitor, was amazing on floor. Her tumbling was flawless, earning 1st place. Gracie Schmidt placed 1st in the all-around with strong finish on each of the four events. Samantha Bishop has been working hard perfecting her routine on beam. Hard work pays off and Sam took home 1st place on beam with a 9.325. Katherine Indelicato, part of the Junior age group, was calm and poised during beam and nailed her cartwheel placing 1st. Averie Marcotte stole the show with her floor routine, her leap pass had beautiful execution and she took 1st with a 9.325. Sofie Gibson, also a first time Silver competitor, had the meet of her life. Sofie placed on each event and took home 1st on bars and in the all-around. Because of Sofie’s high all-around score (37.475) she was also awarded the Iceberg Award which is given to the gymnast with the highest all-around of the entire meet regardless of age. Kathryn Demerast was close on Sofie’s heels and took 2nd in the all around with a 37.35. In the Senior division, Bea VanCampen performed an amazing beam routine where she stuck her cartwheel, a skill she has been struggling with, and placed 1st with a 9.6! Cate Palmer shined on floor performing to 24K Gold by Bruno Mars taking 1st with a 9.45. She also earned 1st in the all-around. Evy Ashburner finished strong on beam with beautiful artistry for 2nd place. Audrey Choate was a strong vaulter and took 1st with a 9.6. Atlantic also took 1st place in the team division.
Frostbite Silver 2018.jpg
The Gold team came in ready to perform. Brooke Kelly, part of the Youth division, was tight and controlled on bars placing 3rd. In the Junior age group, Savanah Hughes had a beautiful cast on bars placing 2nd with a 9.5. Brooke Helliwell also performed well on bars with huge swings earning 1st place. Brooke also showed off her Footloose floor routine scoring a 9.45 for a 1st place finish. Sophie Lusenhop, part of the Intermediate age group, was aggressive in her front handspring vault earning 3rd place. Morgan Koskela had a great run and strong repulsion off vault for 4th place finish. Cadence Howard amped up her vault placing 2nd. In the Senior division Jillian Driscoll and Annie Beikman were top performers with Jillian taking 2nd place all-around and Annie earning 1st. The Gold team placed 1st! Frostbite Gold 2018.jpg
In the Platinum level Anya Marengo, part of the Junior division, performed her heart out on floor earning 2nd place. Gianna Coppola has been working hard improving her bar routine and earned 1st place. In the Senior division Bethany Howard competed on bars and beam due to an injury. Bethany pushed hard through her beam routine earning an 8.75. In the Diamond division, all the girls were part of the same age group. Sarah Bieniek attempted a new vault and earned an 8.8. Alexa Nelson flew high on floor with a 9.55 for 2nd place. Audrey Stuart stuck her beam routine with a beautiful acro connection earning 1st place. Audrey also received the Iceberg award for the highest all-around of the Diamond session!
Frostbite Plat Dia 2018.jpg
Atlantic will compete next in Myrtle Beach with their Gold, Platinum and Diamond gymnasts over the first weekend in March!

Dover JO Gymnasts Heat Up During Icy Competitions


Atlantic Gymnastics JO Level 3 and Level 4 girls have done a great job competing in back to back competitions over the span of two Saturdays. On February 3rd they competed at the Friendship classic hosted by Granite State Gymnastics and February 10th the girl competed in Maine at the Dudziak’s Gymnastics Frostbite Invite.


At the Friendship Classic, Avery Smith  our solo Level 3 gymnast and came in fully prepared. She rocked it on every event- scoring 9.6 on Vault for 1st place, 9.2 on Bars for 5th, 9.35 on Beam for 4th place, and 9.4 on floor placing her 2nd! Her  All Around score of 37.55 placed her 2nd !  The officials at this meet pick out one girl per session on each event to give a special award to for doing an outstanding job and Avery was given the Bars and Beam award!

With four Level 4 competitors at the Friendship Classic; Ava Birarelli, Norah Knowles, Virginia Hudson, and Kaia Buensuceso- these girls also came ready to give it their best. On Vault, all the girls placed- Ava’s score of 8.925 placed her 2nd in her age group, Norah with an 8.975 placed 2nd in her age group, Virginia had an 8.6 putting her 9th, and Kaia came in 1st place with a 9.375! Ava and Norah placed 2nd and 3rd on Bars with an 8.9 and 8.8 respectively. Ava placed 3rd on Beam with an 8.8, Norah 8th and also got an 8.8, and Kaia placed 4th with a 9.05. Everyone stuck their beam routine! On Floor Ava again placed 3rd  with an 8.675, Norah received 2nd with a 9.0, and Kaia took 1st with a 9.325. Kaia’s excellent floor routine earned her the Judges award! Each girl placed in the All Around- Ava 1st 35.3, Norah 2nd 35.575, Virginia 12th 33.425, and Kaia 4th 35.4. The Level 4 girls earned the 3rd Place Team Award for their outstanding work at this Meet! Nice Job!

At The Frostbite Invite, Avery continued to do a great job representing Atlantic. She had her head in the game and came out on top at first place in the All Around with a total score of 37.35! She came in 2nd on Vault, Bars, and Beam, with scores of 9.425, 9.175, and 9.4 and took 3rd on Floor with a 9.35. Keep up the great work Avery!

The four Level 4’s came ready to work once again and had a great deal of competition. Virginia place 5th on Vault with an 8.85 and had a total all round of 33.825. Kaia placed 2nd on Vault with a 9.0 and 4th on Floor with an 8.95 and came in 8th for the All Around with a 34.675. Norah placed 3rd in the All Around with a 35.575, she placed 3rd on Vault 9.0, 2nd on Bars 9.225, and 6th on Floor 8.825. Ava came in 5th in her age group with a 35.85, she placed 8th on Vault 8.75, 3rd on Bars 9.425, and 8th on Beam 9.075. Nice work Level 4 Team!


Atlantic’s JO Team girls will begin preparing to compete at their State Meets. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news on these athletes!

Atlantic Dover Meet Results. Maine’s Gobble Wobble

November 18th-19th, Biddeford Maine.


Atlantic Dover’s JO gymnasts competed in Biddeford, Maine at Dudziak’s Gymnastics with gymnasts competing  in the Level 3 and Level 4 divisions.

Avery Smith was Atlantic’s lone Level 3 h competitor.  Rocking it in the Junior age division, she placed 2nd on vault with a 9.05, 1st on bars with a 9.175, 2nd on floor with an 8.725, and 2nd on floor with a 9.125. Avery came in 1st place in the all around with a 36.075! Congratulations Avery!

Atlantic’s Level 4 team had three members.  Norah Knowles competed in the junior age division scoring an 8.725 on vault  (3rd place) , a 9.0 on beam (3rd place) and an 8.8 on the floor (5th place) and a 35.075 for 3rd place All Around. Kaia Buensuceso and Virginia Hudson both competed in the  senior age division. Virginia placed 2nd on vault with a 9.0, 1st on beam with a 9.075, and in the all around came in 5th with a total score of 33.65. Kaia came in 1st on vault with a 9.2, 6th on bars with an 8.425, 3rd on beam with a 9.0, and 2nd on floor with an 8.95. Her all around of 35.575 put her in the top spot.

IMG_2174.JPGAtlantic Dover’s JO competitors next meet will be at  Granite State Gymnastics December 8th-10th.

Atlantic Dover Xcel gymnasts started their season off early competing in the Gobble Wobble Meet in Biddeford, Maine hosted by Duziak’s Gymnastics over the weekend of November 18-19th. Atlantic typically begins competing in December, but the team was more than ready for the November start. This is the first season Atlantic Dover will compete in all five divisions of Xcel.
Starting off in Bronze, Atlantic represented in two age divisions: Junior and Senior. Hannah Dunbar, a first time competitor, part of the Junior division, placed 2nd on vault with a 9.325, 1st on bars scoring a 9.425, 3rd on beam with a 9.425, 1st on floor with a 9.25, and earned 1st place in the all-around with a 37.425. Also part of the Junior division, and another first year competitor, Maddie Bickford earned 2nd on bars with a 9.35, 3rd on floor  with a 9.175, and 3rd in the all-around with a 36.45. Caitlin Klein earned 3rd on bars with a 9.2. Lily Nutter placed 1st on floor scoring a 9.35. In the Senior age group Sofie Gibson, also a first year competitor, earned a 9.45 on bars taking first place, 3rd place on beam with a 9.35, 2nd place on floor with a 9.4 and 1st place in the all-around scoring a 37.255. Kaylee Corman earned 3rd place on bars with a 9.3, and took 1st place on floor with a beautifully presented routine scoring a 9.45. Anna Wolusky placed first on vault with a 9.5, 3rd on floor with a 9.375, and 2nd in the all-around with a 37.025. Annette Morris placed 1st on beam with a 9.4 and 3rd in the all-around scoring a 36.875. Atlantic’s Bronze team stayed focused and composed during the meet and earned 1st place in the team division!
Atlantic’s Silver team had many new members moving up from the previous level. Their coaches were all very proud of their accomplishments during this meet. In the Youth age group Gracie Schmidt placed 2nd on vault with a 9.425, 1st on beam with a 9.275, 2nd on floor with a 9.3, and earned 1st in the all-around scoring a 37.0. Audrey Choate, part of the Senior age group, placed 1st on vault with a 9.475. Bea VanCampen placed 3rd on bars scoring a 9.075, 1st on beam with a 9.4, 2nd on floor earning a 9.35, and took 3rd place in the all-around with a total of 36.75. Cate Palmer earned 2nd on vault with a 9.35, 2nd on bars with a 9.175, 1st on floor with a 9.6, and 2nd in the all-around scoring a 36.925. The Silver team placed 1st in the team division!
The Gold team took the stage Sunday evening. Six of the competitors moved up from the Silver level from last season. Atlantic’s competitors were spread across three age groups. In the Youth division, Brooke Kelly earned 3rd on vault with a 9.025, 2nd on bars with a 9.2, 2nd on beam with an 8.75, 1st on floor with a 9.4, and 2nd in the all-around with a 36.375. Savanah Hughes earned 1st on vault with a 9.3, 1st on bars scoring a 9.275, 1st on beam with an 8.85, 2nd on floor with a 9.3 and took home 1st place in the all-around with a total of 36.725. In the Junior age group Brooke Helliwell earned 1st on vault with a 9.35, 3rd on bars with a 9.35, and 2nd on floor scoring a 9.325. Renee Remick earned 1st on bars with a 9.475, 3rd on beam with a 9.025, 1st on floor with a 9.375, and 1st in the all-around scoring a 37.05. Sophie Lusenhop earned 2nd place on vault scoring a 9.225, 2nd place on bars with a 9.4, 2nd place on beam with a 9.175, 3rd on floor earning a 9.25, and 2nd in the all-around with a 37.05. While Renee and Sophie earned the same all-around score, Renee took 1st because she had the highest single event score. In the Senior age group, Delaney Sauers placed 3rd on vault with an 8.9, 2nd on bars scoring a 9.3, 2nd on beam with a 9.075, 2nd on floor with a 9.35, and 2nd in the all-around with a total of 36.625. Morgan Koskela placed 2nd on vault with a 9.125, 3rd on bars with a 9.125, and 3rd in the all-around with a 35.6. Annie Beikman had the meet of her life! She took first on each event as well as the all-around. Annie’s scored a 9.2 on vault, 9.625 on bars, 9.35 on beam, 9.4 on floor and a 37.575 in the all-around. Atlantic’s Gold team took home 1st place!
There were three girls from Atlantic competing in the Platinum division. Anya Marengo and Gianna Coppola represented the Junior age group and Bethany Howard was part of the Senior age group. Anya earned 2nd place on bars with an 8.85, 3rd on beam with an 8.675, and 2nd in the all-around with a 35.375. Gianna earned 2nd on vault with a 9.05, 1st on bars with a 9.15, 2nd on beam with a 9.0, 3rd on floor with a 9.1, and 1st in the all-around with a 36.3. Bethany earned 1st on floor with a 9.45, 2nd on bars with an 8.5, 2nd on floor with a 9.275, and 2nd in the all-around with a 35.725. With only three girls in the Platinum age group all the girls’ scores contributed to the team score. (It takes three girls to make a team.) The Platinum team thoroughly impressed their coaches by taking 1st place as a team!
This is the first season Atlantic has gymnasts competing in the Diamond level! Sarah Bieniek took 2nd on floor with a 9.275. Audrey Stuart earned a 9.55 on bars placing 1st, a 9.5 on beam placing 2nd, and 1st in the all-around with a 36.75.
Atlantic will compete next in the Blizzard Bash at Granite State Gymnastics over the weekend of December 8th-10th.

Gobble Wobble Bronze.jpg

Gobble Wobble Silver.jpg

Gobble Wobble Gold.jpg

Gobble Wobble Platinum.jpg

Gobble Wobble Diamond.jpg

Atlantic- Portsmouth. Level 7 State Meet Results

Level 7 Gymnasts Achieve New Heights

Kingston, NH—April 1. There was no foolin’ the Level 7 Gymnasts from Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center, Portsmouth (AGTC) as they captured second place in the 2017 New Hampshire State Championships. Competing among 70 of the state’s top Level 7 competitors, Atlantic gymnasts achieved a combined team score of 111.725 placing them second in a field of sixteen teams. As with all competitions, individual achievements were divided into equal age divisions.
Representing the eleven-and-under age division was Madeline Brandt (North Hampton) who placed second on balance beam with a personal best score of 9.575, fourth on floor, fifth on bars and eighth on vault. She achieved fourth-place all-around in the age division with a combined score of 37.25. She placed tenth among all Level 7 gymnasts in the state which earned her a spot as an “All-Star” in the Division 6 Regional Competition to be held in Springfield, Massachusetts on Sunday, 23 April.
Gabriella Verno (Lee) captured gold on vault in the twelve-year-old age division scoring a near perfect (9.650). Ms. Verno placed seventh on both bars and beam and placed seventh all-around in the division as well.
Teammates, Grace Schwaegerle, Francesca Toracinta, Katherine Weathersby and Madison Zadravec boldly represented Team Atlantic in the fourteen-year-old division. Ms. Schwaegerle (Rye) place third all-around in the division with a combined score of 35.20. Her achievements included placing third on bars, fourth on beam and vault and fifth on floor. She will also be representing New Hampshire in Regionals as an “All Star”. Ms. Toracinta (Kittery) impressed with a fifth-place bars routine, sixth-place beam and vault placing her fifth all-around in the division. Katherine Weathersby (Portsmouth) performed consistently on beam, floor and vault placing seventh with a solid bars routine. Madison Zadravec (Portsmouth) took gold on vault with a personal best score of 9.70. Additionally, she placed fourth on bars which resulted in a seventh-place finish all-around.
Successfully representing the fifteen-year-old age division was Gillian Croteau. Ms. Croteau captured first place on vault, third place on bars, fifth place on floor and seventh on beam. She placed fourth all-around in the division.Level 7 Team.JPG

Atlantic- Portsmouth Level 6 State Meet Results


The Level 6 AGTC team had a great state meet, finishing fifth as a team overall. The team had many standout performances. In the eleven-year-old division, Cameron Zadravec finished seventh on bars and beam, tenth on vault, eleventh on floor, and ninth in the all-around.  Ava Lindsay finished fifth on vault and eleventh all-around. Teammate Avery Dinges captured tenth on beam. In the 12B division, Zoe Rahn finished second on bars, third on vault, and fifth on beam, placing her third overall. Teammate Sinead Dolan captured fourth on floor. In the 13- year-old division, Julia Hackley finished second on bars, fifth on beam and floor, and sixth on vault, placing her third in the all-around. Isabelle Balfour placed second on vault, sixth on beam and floor, and fourth all-around. Maren Hennessy took eighth on vault, and teammate Anya Bakin showcased solid performances on vault and floor.

Level 6 Team.jpg

Atlantic – Portsmouth Level 4 State Championships

Congratulations to the Level 4 AGTC team on their strong competition at States! Fantastic 1st place AA finish for Lindsey Lee (37.550) and super 3rd place finish to Malaya Brisson (35.875) in each of their age categories. Hadley Prewitt and Eliza Penfold each earned a 1st place spot for Bars in their age categories (9.625 and 9.250 respectively). Also hitting solid bar routines were Kendall Prewitt (4th place 9.375), Teagan Wilson (2nd place 9.1) and Bella Trinceri (2nd place 9.4). Maddie McMahon (9.025), Rachel Khoury (8.825) and Ava Burness (8.35) all performed strong on the floor exercise. Tori Liedecke stuck beam and scored a 9.1. This team worked so hard all season and we are very proud of them!!!



Atlantic Qualifies 2 gymnasts to Level 8 Regional Championships

Team Atlantic Level 8 gymnasts had a strong performance at NH State Championships. Sarah Craft competed in the 13,14 year old age group and finished in 7th place in the all round. Also in the same age group, Anya Cunningham finished in 8th place in the all around. Both gymnasts earned a coveted spot on the NH Regional Team. New Hampshire has 48 Level 8 competitors and the state is only allotted 16 spots to the regional meet. The pair will compete in Springfield, MA on Saturday, April 22nd a the Region VI Regional Gymnastics Championships. Dominique Chasse and Heidi Fortin competed in the 15 and over age group. Dominique finished in 9th place over all and also finished in 9th on balance beam. Heidi finished in 8th all around and performed a strong bar routine for a 7th place finish in a competitive age group. The team finished 4th over all in a field of 8 teams.



Level 8 Regional Qualifiers. IMG_2199.JPG