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Parenting Goal: Raising Rebel Girls

Everyone is different. Every little girl needs heroes of her own.

Source: Parenting Goal: Raising Rebel Girls

I recently met a man who told me he reads Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls to his daughters before bed.

As an attentive father, this man professed some of the multitude of ways in which he attempts to give his girls the best possible opportunities in life. For him, programming and technology have provided freedom, and he wants his daughters to have the same opportunities.

One night after watching an Olympic gymnastics meet together as a family, he found his 6-year-old in another room, with a stopwatch, training to be the next Simone Biles. Clearly this little girl has big dreams and is easily motivated. On the other hand, her younger sister does not share the same motivations. She is inspired by different stories and ideas.

Over tea, the man confided that his wife had recently challenged him to consider whether the heroic celebration will send the wrong message to his girls  —  that you must be a high achiever to live a good life. We discussed the merits of celebrating heroes without making little ones feel inadequate. He mentioned that even for his two daughters, reactions to praise and motivation vary greatly between them.

After realizing that his older daughter was so motivated to achieve, my friend changed his tactic. Instead of pointing out every example of success that he thought she would relate to, they started to talk about failures.

Everyone is different. Every little girl needs heroes of her own.

Making an Impact

Within the tech industry, the culture and the story is improving. It may not be obvious from the news, but the fact that we are calling out the bad guys shows that expectations are changing. A hard-working woman or man with a good foundation can have just about any career they want, though selecting the right company culture will always be important.

For women, technical abilities are usually not the biggest career challenge.

Breaking Down Barriers

Men like my friend are an important part of the solution.

By 2030 when his oldest daughter enters the workforce, there will be more women in tech. Efforts like BRAID Research Initiative’s Pilot program have already started to have an impact on Harvey Mudd’s Computer Science statistics will catch on and have an impact, though it will take time. Culture will evolve creating better programs for a more diverse workforce.

Though technical ability is important, it usually isn’t the biggest career challenge for women. Rebel girls need more than technical skills to succeed. They also need to be able to:

– Feel comfortable standing out and being different.
– Recognize their unique value.
– Effectively communicate with and lead a male-dominated group.
– Negotiate  —  not just better salaries, but also through team dynamics.

Dear Fathers and Mentors:

Take interest in what motivates the women in your life. Teach them everything you know. Help them realize their strengths and how valuable they are. Offer the same opportunities to your girls and your boys, and teach them to recognize the unique value in each other. Explore the world with them. While they are little, read them bedtime stories of badass women from history so they dream of conquering the world.

Atlantic Dover competes a Hip Hop Classic in Vermont

The Atlantic Gymnastics Dover Xcel team traveled up to Brattleboro, VT to compete in the Hip Hop Classic meet hosted by Woodman Athletics. The girls are in the middle of their competition season and have been working hard perfecting their skills and adding new elements to their routines.

The Bronze team competed Friday evening on February 24th. In the Junior B age group Izzy Rothwell took 1st place on bars with a 9.5. Samantha Bishop placed 3rd on bars with a 9.45. 2nd on beam with a 9.45, and 1st on floor with a 9.15. Sam also took 2nd place in the all-around with a 36.9. In the Senior A age group Kaitlin Cady placed 1st on vault with a 9.4, 1st on bars with a 9.6, 2nd on beam with a 9.4, and 1st in the all-around with a 37.6. It was a three-way tie for 3rd place on floor with a 9.2 for Katherine Indelicato and Averie Marcotte. Averie also placed 2nd on bars with a 9.55. Caitlin Klein scored a 9.5 on bars earning 3rd place. Cate Palmer, part of the Senior B age group placed 3rd on bars with a 9.45, 1st on beam with a 9.55, and 1st on floor with a 9.7. Cate earned 1st place in the all-around with a 37.7. The Bronze team took home 2nd place in the team division with a score of 112.95.

Atlantic’s Silver Xcel team competed on Saturday in Brattleboro. The girls did extremely well and took 4th place as a team with a score of 111.275. In the Junior B age group Savanah Hughes placed 2nd on bars with a 9.5. Brooke Helliwell earned 2nd on vault with a 9.2, 1st on bars with a 9.8, and 1st on floor with a 9.8. Brooke also earned 1st place in the all-around with a 37.85. In the Junior C age division Renee Remick took 2nd on bars with a 9.6 and 2nd on floor with a 9.15. Erica Chase, part of the Senior B age group, scored a 9.25 on bars earning her 3rd place and tying with her teammate Aaliyah McKenzie. Aaliyah also placed 3rd on vault with a 9.05 and 3rd on beam with a 9.0

There were two gymnasts representing Atlantic’s Gold Xcel team. Annie Beikman and Jillian Driscoll truly shined during this meet. Both girls were part of the Senior B age division. Jillian placed 2nd on vault with an 8.7, 3rd on bars with a 9.55, and 3rd on floor with a 9.275. Jillian also earned 3rd place in the all-around with a 36.475. Annie earned a 9.025 on vault and a 9.575 on beam placing 1st on both events. Annie earned 2nd on floor with a 9.525. Annie also placed 1st in the all-around with a 36.475.

Atlantic is gearing up for two competitions this coming weekend. The Bronze and Silver team will be competing in the Friendship Classic at Granite State Gymnastics in Bow, NH. Meanwhile, Atlantic’s Platinum and Gold teams will be attending the Tim Rand Invitational in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Best of Luck to all the competing gymnasts this coming weekend!

Hip Hop Bronze .jpg

Hip Hop Gold.jpgHip Hop Silver.jpg

Watching Your kid Sit the Bench is NOT easy. – Get Psyched!

Here is a wonderful story from a friend. She tells her story about when her daughter had to sit the bench. Her honesty helps us all, because we all go through these situations.By Cayce Broker telling her story, she lets us see that we are all trying to do our best.

Source: Watching Your kid Sit the Bench is NOT easy. – Get Psyched!

“Had an emotional event with my daughter this weekend….
She had a basketball 🏀 game Saturday night. She was so excited!!! We had friends and family come to see her play and she was so proud!! The game begins and our team was amazing right out of the gate! The first turns quarter turns into the second and the second into the third. With every passing second she didn’t play, I became emotional. She was the VERY LAST girl to be put in and my heart sank. She’s not in the group of the best players and that’s ok with me…. but to go so long without play time was hard to watch. She did play some of the third and most of the fourth quarter and played well.
Once we got home, I could not hold back my tears any longer. I was upset for her, and worried that she was embarrassed. Let’s be honest… no one wants to watch their kid sit on the bench. I began to cry even more which lead to some texting of dear friends and some soul searching on my end.

Does this REALLY matter? Should it REALLY matter? I got caught up in a STUPID basketball 🏀 game. I’m human after all and let Satan really get it my head…. but there has to be a reason it happened.

I needed a good swift kick in the pants … I already have an AMAZING child with or without basketball 🏀. My job is teach her that there is MORE to life than this particular situation. My job is that she knows Jesus and she is already on an amazing path with her Savior. Once that reminder came over me I was at peace. I talked with Cylin about it and we prayed. She was upset but said she had a good time at her game. At the end of it all she said… “Mom…some popcorn 🍿 would really make it all better.”
That’s my girl.”

The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week | The Huffington Post

Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious 140-character quips from moms and dads to spread the joy. Scroll down to read the latest batch and follow @HuffPostParents on Twitter for more!

Source: The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week | The Huffington Post

1992 US Olympian Wendy Bruce will be visiting Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center in Portsmouth.

1992 US Olympian Wendy Bruce will be visiting Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center in Portsmouth.

Olympian and World Champion Wendy Bruce will be visiting Portsmouth Atlantic Gymnastics on Thursday January 5th for an informational meeting with team parents and athletes. Since retiring from gymnastics Wendy has pursued a career in Sports Psychology working with gymnasts and athletes from all sports world wide. At the 1992 Olympics, the U.S. women’s team won a bronze medal, which was the first U.S. team medal won at a fully attended Olympic Games.


Wendy is married with two children and is the owner of Get Psyched! Mental Coaching.
She is a very popular speaker at USA Gymnastics Conferences and is a member of the training staff for Gym Momentum.


While at Atlantic Wendy will be signing her latest book, Breaking Through Mental A Mental Block.


A Season of Hope. Chaos Theory

Tony Retrosi

A season of hope.

As the days get shorter and we are facing  long dark and cold nights. The solstice is just weeks away and the days will become longer. This time of year even the smallest gesture can change the world.

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name, coined by Edward Lorenz for the effect which had been known long before, is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier.

The idea, that small causes may have large effects in general and in weather specifically, was used from Henri Poincaré…

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